Used Rolls Royce Silver Shadow I & II

Inglebys are Specialists in this model whether an early Chippendale Dash Shadow1 through the FSS models to Flared Arch and then the Shadow II.

We have retailed some 550 used Rolls Royce Silver Shadow I & II cars in all price ranges from entry level models through to superb examples.

We are mindful of matching your buying requirement in terms of expectation and reality.

We do not have the ethos of the professional invoice writer and can make Shadow ownership relatively inexpensive.

It is our considered opinion that this model will appreciate in value.

We sell our used Rolls Royce Silver Shadow I & II cars at substantially keener price than our competitors due to the fact we that we want to turn our stock faster and remember …..always offer us back the car when you want to pass it on to the next custodian .

Contact us today regarding these stunning classic cars.

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